Smart Processes

Leveraging the science behind AM(8) International

For the Modern Leader

Human’s are a diverse crowd with varying insights to varying knowledge scales. By using the power of the modern process model that affords innate behaviours to feed into cutting edge leadership principles, we get teams to flourish and do what they do best. From product curation to strategic modelling, real data to customer insights are used to breathe life into the modern application to workplace > it’s the smart way of thinking and the smart way of doing.

As a CEO for 11 years and single-handedly scaled teams from naut to eighty, I’ve a small to medium sized business niche (depending on your perspective) that has been steered amongst the choppy waters. I’ve toured the world as an elite coach. I’ve completed a doctorate in record time. I’ve hypothesised to theorised and proven data sets to predictive analytics ahead of their time. I’ve pioneered new trends to new mindframes. I’ve simplified the science to ensure universal understanding is no longer a figment of the imagination. I’ve also had 10 Books published over the last 6 years (yes, books not papers or publications).

From due diligence to roadmapping. From bootstrapping to allocating key budget measures to keep your books in line. From key metrics to negate blowouts. With careful consideration to planning and being clear about where we’re heading, I’m at the ready to leverage my expertise to help you succeed. This may take shape as your interim CPO or PM dependent on your core needs. But call me your friend, when in need. After all, that’s why they call me Dr B and how is an offshoot of AM8 International for select and niche needs.

Process to Product

A framework built for you. No more system based thinking. Flipping the mindframe upside down to deliver the edge. A cutting edge process thought-streamed to conceived for you. Not someone else. Where your wants, needs and expectations are heard, implemented through customised process mapping and put into a long-term roadmapped with action-orientated steps to pave the way.

Is Your Business Ready?

Simple Use

A Class Above

Simplified Science

Data Driven

Customer Wants

Humanised Design

Key Landings


Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Working with your idea to breathe life.

Let’s crack open the nuts and bolts and spew it all over the table. Yuck! But sometimes it gets a little messy. Then we’ll piece it together to give it wings to enable it to fly. And you’ll be steering the ship to the high seas.

Tampering with concept to product.

What needs to happen. Let’s get clear about that. What tools do you preference. Let’s see how we can build with them. What’s the endgame. Let’s build out a roadmap to get you there.

Throw it out the window and into your customers hands.

Think fast. Deliver fast. Fix fast. Build with a unanimous product in mind. From building the team to mentoring each player on their core responsibilities, we’ll bring the product to the team together, as one, to make that mess that was scattered over the table, into a tangible reality.

Let’s wave goodbye, but keep in touch.

Your framework is set. Your team has been built to refined. Your product has wings. And you’re ready to steer your ship where your next milestone holds. It’s time to part as the tools are now in your hands and we’ll be on speed-dial should you need a quick helping hand.

8 Hr Block*


Best option for small businesses, startups and personal projects. Starter redirects.

*use in 1 hour intervals or all at once, you’re in control

Bring your mess to the table. Get clear about where you’re heading. Crunch the numbers. Span out your team. Look at available resources. Tighten your position. From fine-tuning Business Models to Roadmaps, Pitch Decks to Stakeholder negotiations, I’ll be your right-hand to give you that edge over your competitors.

3 Month Contract*


Best option for measuring up, plan to fruition & building out a set framework. For the serious instigators who demand priority.

*based on a 20hr/wk load

You’re serious and your foot is in the game. You need that edge. You need that tighter cohesion. That’s where I’ll come in to organise to systematise but more critically, build your team and set the blueprint for where they’re heading. I’ll listen, mentor and coach, and when the time beckons, implement subtle changes with big impact. From a 30 – 60 – 90 Day plan before signing off and waving ‘adios’ until the next venture.

Got some ideas for a project or contract?

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.